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Our Campus

Kakkanat Ayurveda Asramam Resort

"Friendly and accommodating staff, excellent spa facilities, special meal options. I‘m looking forward to trying new vegan/gluten-free variations when I return this summer. Good Luck !"
Mathew Johnson

Our Resort

Kakkanat Ayurveda Asramam Resort

" I have stayed here twice in August, 2013 and August, 2015. If you will visit Kakkanat Ayurveda Asramam, I strongly recommend staying here. Ayurveda treatment, ayurvedic food, Kerala house, everything was wonderful. At the both time, I spent blissful time, listening sound of nature and birds song."
Paula Robinson

Our Facilities

we are providing customers with a vibrant environment and all facilities

"These past two months were a true blessing to me. A true adventure throughout the physical and the spiritual. I came in as a mess and left strong ready to face the world. Its is remarkable what this treatment can accomplish. I'm gonna miss the smiles everyday. Big thanks to everyone at Kakkanat Ayurveda Asramam."
Alice Miles